This system is aimed to collect CDMA data (ESN/MIN) about cellular terminals in the area of system operation. This can be airport areas, prison areas, etc. The system is specifically designed for government units and LEA agencies.

The system contains a CDMA2000 1x BTS. The BTS is operated by the system’s software. A private cell will be created where SID, NID, MCC, MNC and Channel will be corresponded with parameters of a real cellular network provider in the covered area.

The mobile terminals in the operations area will take note of any strong channel activations. It will then start the registration procedure. It can provide the system with the MIN and ESN. Then, a list of registered mobile terminals will appear in the software.


  • Collection of subscriber cellular phones identities (MIN/ESN).
  • Monitoring of in/out calls of subscriber cellular phones within system operating range.
  • Can selectively block particular subscriber cellular phones or group of phones in coverage area.

This section contains confidential information. Access to such information is granted only to authorized government units/companies.

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