INT-CM001 2G Hybrid Cellular Monitoring System

The Hybrid System improves upon the capabilities of the Passive 2G / GSM monitoring system utilizing a clone unit. This clone unit creates a clone of the target’s cellphone. This can then aid in solving a variety of tasks including public number detection (MSISDNs of targets), sending SMS, and making a call for the target.


  • The system is capable of detecting targets in automatic mode. A variety of methods of revealing the public number such as calling and SMSing, as well as Supplementary Service requests algorithms.
  • The system contains a special database of MSISDN for both passive and active systems.
  • A single clone unit can contain maximum eight cell phone clones.
  • Features several network modules that give benefits including concealment, portability, possibility for hot units change and repair. The system can be easily operated from just a single laptop. The VPN connection is used for connecting units in cases of remote separated locations.
  • The access can be granted to all info in real time mode via private secured VPN channel connection.

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