INT-CM002 2G Passive Cellular Monitoring System

The system is created for operation in passive mode and monitoring in all 2G / GSM networks around the world. The frequences include 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. The system is capable of decrypting the A5.1 and A5.2 sessions. All processes are done in fully real-time mode.

While using multiple receivers both downlink and uplink channels can be received simultaneously. Receiver are adjusted to receive data from one BTS. All receivers can manage several connections simultaneously.

On default, the RX unit of the system has eight duplex channels. However, the system configuration is always customizable, the user can decide on the number of units required for operation depending on the number of target channels.

The solution is impossible to be detected and provides complete secrecy during operation. It does not affect the service provider side nor the BTS or the cell phones.

It is possible to equip the special A5.1 deciphering multi-processor unit additionally (Option) to operate it in places that have A5.1 GSM encryption. Software on the operator’s laptop includes A5.2 deciphering features.


  • The system works in real time mode, provides passive monitoring of cell traffic (forward and reverse ARFCN channels).
  • It provides A5.1, A5.2 decryption possibility, real time operation.
  • It is capable of fully concealed operation at large operation ranges.
  • Modes of operation – target mode or random.
  • Target position on map can be easily measured with the use of public internet BTS services and cell phone’s calculations.
  • It is capable of detecting the TMSI ID automatically and manually.
  • It is capable of detecting the IMSI ID by sending the SS7 requests to service providers.
  • Target position on Map can be detected with the use of SS7 requests sent to service providers.
  • It is able to operate with frequency hopping, and is compartible with FR, EFR, HR, AMR voice codecs.
  • The system is capable of recording all required info from 2G / GSM sessions on the laptop of user.
  • A single unit contains eight duplex channels. The system does not have limitations of the number of units and allows to construct the system with the number of ARFCN channels: 32 or 64 or 128. The operation of the system is possible with putting all units together or splitting the system units and locating them at differernt places.
  • Voice ID system can be also supplied with the set on optional basis.

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