INT-CM006 2G Semi Active Cellular Monitoring System

The solution is intended for interception of subscriber cellular phones working in GSM mode. The system is called a semi active and is capable of working in fully real time mode.The solution is intended for interception of subscriber cellular phones working in GSM mode. The system is called a semi active and is capable of working in fully real time mode.

The solution is a GSM module which allows to arrange coomunication of subscribers cell phones within the operational range of the system. For operation possibilities a so called fake BTS is created. The monitoring of all connections is possible after cell phones are registered with fake 2G BTS.

In order to make in and out calls between the target phone and the service provider, the special cloning unit needs to be used. The cloning unit and fake BTS can be splitted and used at different locations with the use of Internet VPN connection.

A special A5.1 decipher unit can be used in cases when A5.1 decryption is required. Most counties use such type of GSM encryption. A special dedicated software installed on the laptop or remote PC is used to control the system.

The first level system configuration is presented by the BTS unit and the laptop for the Internet connection. It also consists of a supplementary battery and a set of trasmitter and receiver antennas.

The higher level system configuration is presented by the BTS, cloning module, batteries and software based A5.1 decryptor unit. The Software is preinstalled on the user’s laptop.

The system is compact and maybe be used to localize target susbcribers at crowded places and in any other locations.


  • Functions with all types of encryptions (A5.1, A5.2, A5.3) in 2G / GSM networks secretly and in real time.
  • It is capable of detecting GSM cell phones in the area the system controls.
  • Cell phones registered within the system can have their states manipulated.
  • It is capable of recording voice sessions, suplementary service (SS), SMS messages and call related information to HDD.
  • It is capable of performing calls and SMS censoring with network activity emulation.
  • It is capable of detecting public numbers for registered cell phones manually and automatically.
  • It is capable of detecting exchange of SIM card or cell phone.
  • It is capable of calling and sending SMS from system operator to any telephone number using target’s identity.
  • Allows marking the target’s cell phone with different icons having the manual removal protection.
  • Able to communicate with networks globally (with the use of SS7 port) in order to localize for target’s 2G / GSM cell phones.
  • It is capable of retrieving cellular data. Able to reveal target map position using a combination of public internet BTS services and internal measurements of cell phones.
  • The system is capable of GPS position detectionIMSI/IMEI search with correlation module
  • Adjusts transmitter level of target cell phone while direction finding.
  • Revealing and verification of encryption key for selected targets is performed in real time.
  • Jamming for registered cell phones can be selective.
  • It is capable of remote activation of GPS receiver on the target’s cell phone.
  • Automatic speech recognition function is embedded.
  • It is capable of activating target’s microphone. Some limits may apply.
  • Able to monitor GPRS traffic. Some limits may apply.
  • It is able of sending SMS to registered phones from operator.

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