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4Intelligence is a manufacturer and provider of security equipment for Intelligence, LEAs, military and other government units and security business companies.

Our specialists have a profound knowledge in the field of security technologies to meet the highest demands of our respectful clientele.

We’re proud to offer you a selection of cutting-edge technology within this web-page.

We’ve included both advanced developments, and some of our best sellers. Each product includes a full description of its capabilities, as well as a list of specifications and details. We’ve provided all the information required to understand the benefits offered by each product within our web-page. If you have any questions though, feel free to get in touch.

Each product is designed to meet demanding requirements, based on specifications from professionals working on the field. We’d like to offer a special thank you to these pros for their ongoing advice and cooperation.

We’re also happy to hear from you in regards to reviews of how our equipment operates in the field, and any comments you may have regarding modifications or improvements. That information is used to ensure we always exceed your expectations, and to develop new, innovative products.

We would also like to thank our partners who ordered customized or exclusive equipment – we are always proud to serve your needs. Designing and developing exclusive equipment requires significant research and testing, but allows us to hone our skills and improve our efficiency.

We hope the products on our web page enhance your ability to fight crime and terrorism wherever you might be.


4Intelligence Team