Training and Services

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

The utilization of specialized equipment to detect, ID, and located bugs and eavesdropping devices is known as TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. These tools can help to find nefarious devices in offices, homes, vehicles, phones, and more. Other terms for this technique include bug sweeping, debugging, or electronic sweeping.

No matter whether you want to protect your home or office from potential espionage, or you believe that you have already been targeted, these devices can help. However, you need to know how to utilize them. Getting the proper training, and opting for the right services can make a difference. It provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

TSCM Training Courses

We can provide training for staff members to help them understand how to perform physical inspections of the facility and organization. Courses can provide specialists with better ability and more tools that can help with the sweeps to make sure the premises are safe. Courses can help learn to check rooms, phones, and vehicles.

Classroom courses can teach technical and physical countermeasures. Learn to evaluate threats, produce a survey procedure, conduct electronic and physical inspections, produce a report, and more. It will provide you with a hands-on experience.

Various training modules are available. They can be completed as a group or individually through the five-day course.

TSCM Services

We offer a range of services, as well. These can provide you with better overall security. We can help to find your vulnerabilities, determine the best strategies for making the area safer, and conduct a TSCM sweep. We can detect problems already present and help to find any holes you might have in your security. Before the survey, we offer a risk assessment, then perform the full inspection of the area. We have highly trained personnel, so you can be sure the job is complete and thorough.

After the survey, we detail the findings in a report, show you the results, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Having a survey of this sort at least twice a year is beneficial. It might be required more often depending on the type of business you have.

Technical Surveillance (TS)

Surveillance can be beneficial in many instances. Whether you are dealing with fraud, thieves, spies, or other issues, the ability to perform surveillance covertly is essential. We can help in this area, as well.

TS Training Courses

We can train your staff in surveillance methods including audio and video collection, CCTV, still cameras, finding the right equipment, concealing cameras and wires, and much more. We specialize in covert operations. The course we offer provides hands-on experience, and it is offered in a modular format, as well.

TS Services

We have TS services, as well. We will help to properly install the surveillance devices, such as audio devices or CCTV, that you need on the property. We can provide the types of devices needed for your particular business, and can make sure they are properly concealed on the property.

We can also provide consultations as needed for investigations on a short or long-term basis.