INT-CM004 2G IMSI/IMEI Catcher

The task of the system is to gather identities IMSI and IMEI of subscribers cell phones in the working range of the system. The places of ID gathering may be crowded areas like airports, railway stations and others.

The system allows to arrange communication between particular subscribers cell phones located in operation range of the system. By creating the fake BTS it is capable of providing GSM type network. Once the subscriber phones are connected to this BTS, the system automatically gathers IMSI as well as IMEI parameters. It also collects other pertinent information from cell phones.

Once the gathering of identities is done, the subscriber cell phone can be either allowed to stay in the fake BTS network or to be connected to the real BTS of the real service provider network. Once the subscriber phone is taken by the fake BTS, the user can perform calls and send SMSs to this particular susbcriber. The system can also enable the subscriber phone transmitter for the purposes of direction finder location checking.

The dedicated software is capable of analysing IMSI as well as IMEI data gathered at various places of investigation. The result of the analysis is revealing the target subscriber.

The solution is small and compact and can be used for concealed applications for tactical purposes. The solution can work as a standalone unit or be a part of the scalable GSM monitoring system.

The system includes several modules, BTS, laptop. The special battery unit is also included in the supply set as well as antennas with Transmitter and Receiver modules for scanning.


  • A special semi active method for IMSI as well as IMEI gathering
  • It is capable of taking the cell phones for service with possibility to make calls and send SMSs to such cell phones.
  • It is capable of making the cell phone jamming on selected cell phones.
    Verification of cell phones availability
  • Direction Finding option is avalable
  • Able to reveal target map position using a combination of public internet BTS services and internal measurements of cell phones.
  • Allows marking the target’s cell phone with different icons having the manual removal protection.
  • A special mathematical method allows to improve system performance features.
  • Algorithmic optimization for catcher’s functionality. High transmission level allows to avoid high output power amplifiers.
  • It allows to send SMSs to all cell phones taken for service.
  • Target’s correlating features

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