INT-CM012 CDMA Passive Cellular Monitoring System

This is a passive, real time system offering CDMA monitoring. It works with the following: CDMA. (IS-95/IS-95A/IS-95B) and CDMA 2000 (CDMA1x).

The system is aimed to operate in fully secret mode which is totally unseen for the network provider. It will receive the downlink channel from a CDMA base station and once the CDMA mobile phone establishes a connection with another subscriber, the system uses a receiver to control the uplink channel from the mobile phone.

The system features receivers. The receivers can use a number of several connections at the same time. A received will feature four channels, and they can be reconfigured into two duplex channels during voice communication. It can include a range of units that will meet the requirements of the customers when it comes to the number of channels they need.

The system operation is fully concealed to the subscriber phone and to the service providers.


  • When registering in the network and call, it can detect subscriber’s real phone number or ESN.
  • If the user has caller ID, it will detect the real phone number.
  • Records voice sessions, incoming SMS messages and call related information to hard disk.

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