INT-CM008 3G IMSI/IMEI Catcher

The solution is intended for gathering of IMSI as well as IMEI identities of subscriber’s cell phones operating in 3G mode. The coverage area is the operational range of the system. The system can be used at places of public people gathering, like airports, railway stations, prison areas, etc.

The solution is a 3G / UMTS module. It is capable of arranging communication with particular types of cellular phones. The solution is able to act as a fake BTS (Node B) and provide a 3G/UMTS cellular network. Once the subscriber’s cellular phones are taken for service by Node B, the IMSI/IMEI identities and some other pertinent cell phone information will be automatically gathered by the system. Having received the identities, the subscriber’s cellular phones will be either released back to the real service provider network or will be downgraded to GSM mode for making interception possible.

In order to define the identity of the target subscriber a special correlation analysis method is provided within the system.

The Catcher module has two types of operation scenario. First of all it is capable of working as a stand-alone unit for identities gathering or it can complement the full GSM Active interception system.


  • The subscriber’s identities gathering method is a semi-active
    It is capable of detecting the 3G cellular networks in the operation range of the system.
  • It is capable of detecting the 3G cellular phones and gathering identities such as IMSI as well as IMEI and TMSI.
  • It is capable of revealing the cell phone model, origin and cellular network provider
  • It is capable of calculating the distance for 3G/UMTS cellular phones precisely for up to 35 meter.
  • It allows the subscriber’s cellular phones working in 3G mode to selectively downgrade to 2G mode for interception purposes.
  • It allows to arrange jamming of selected subscribers cellular phones working in 3G mode.
  • It is capable of revealing the target subscribers identities with special correlation method.

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