INT-CM003 2G Communication System

The solution is a powerful tool to be used at remote areas where the cellular network has to be arranged. The system supports all known frequencies of GSM communication.

It is possible to build your own emergency mobile phone network in the event of a disaster with network breakdown.

The system features a portable 2G / GSM unit. The unit is capable of providing communications with cellular phones located in operational range. A so called fake BTS of 2G / GSM network is created for communication. The system is able to monitor all communications right after the cell phone is registered with BTS.

A special cloning module is used in the system for maintaining the process of communications in real network.

For operation with A5.1 encyption sessions a special A5.1 decipher module is used. It is supplied on optional basis. It gives the possibility to operate in counties with such type of encryption method. Both the cloning module and the A5.1 decipher module are connected to the system via VPN.

Communication software can be installed on a gateway laptop. It could also be installed on a remote computer.

The basic system configuration includes the BTS module, which is in a rugged case, along with a gateway laptop for Internet connection. It also features a clone unit, battery, and set of RX, TX, scanning aerials antennas, and software based A5.1 deciphering unit. This is installed in the operator’s laptop.


  • It is capable of providing the GSM communication for people with the use of regular handsets.
  • It is able to provide GSM communication for VIP people in cases when intelligent jamming take place.
  • The system allows to arrange GSM communications in cases of network absence (earthquake, terror acts, and other circumstances).
  • The system provides GSM communications for travelers, navy, rock climbers, etc.
  • It is able to arrange GSM to VOIP communication.
  • The system can provide global communication inbetween various countries via secured encrypted channels with the use of handsets routing via various countries across Internet channels.

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