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Stress BTS is the ultimate solution to simulate subscriber activity in cellular networks.

Its capability to simulate requests at high frequency on behalf of mobile handsets  makes it an effective, easy-to-use tool for base station stress testing. Stress BTS can easily simulate various types of load on multiple base stations at once – thanks to different available modes and possibility to synchronize multiple units in a single control application.

Available in mobile and compact box form factors, Stress BTS allows you to conveniently perform cellular network testing in field conditions as well as more controlled environments.

Form Factors


Stress BTS is available on a customized smartphone device designed for on-the-go missions. It’s ideal for situations when you must perform the base station testing in field conditions, and there is no time to deploy the stationary solution.

Compact Box

A StressBTS unit can be configured with multiple – up to 128 – StressBTS modules. The tablet-operated unit box is a sensible choice for more complex scenarios – e.g., when there is a need to simulate an extremely high load on multiple base stations at once.

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