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DPI Platform


INT-CM022 DPI is a packet processing platform with deep packet inspection capabilities allowing to efficiently manage utilization of network resources and provide new value generating services.

INT-CM022 DPI performs policy enforcement on a per-subscriber per-flow basis. All the traffic flows traversing through the system are classified by means of signature and statistical analysis and are associated with a service e.g. «Social networking» or «VoIP». A policy rule appropriate for the service is retrieved from a PCRF or other external policy server and is applied to the flow. Policy rules define whether the flow shall be blocked or allowed, bandwidth, available for the flow and its priority to solve conflicts between flows. In case of overload flows with higher priority are allocated with the required throughput while other flows are throttled thus ensuring guaranteed level of service quality.


• Maximum efficiency of bandwidth usage
• Suitable for fixed and mobile broadband networks including LTE
• Signature-based and statistical-based detection of application layer protocols
• Support of 2700 protocols and 6000 protocol parameters
• Value added services providing
• Efficient policy management
• Flow-based and event-based real-time charging
• Dynamic congestion control using subscriber priorities
• Embedded user-friendly tools for system maintenance, collecting statistics and channel monitoring
• Flexible settings of charging and policy rules.
• Integration with PCRF and external databases via Gx or via XML
• 1+1 active redundancy, hardware bypass


• Signature-based and statistics-based detection of application layer protocols including P2P, IM, E-mail, Voice/ Video over IP, streaming, gaming, web and security
• Traffic filtering by black/white lists or site categories
• Real-time charging via Gy, periodical per-service quota, Gx usage monitoring
• Policy enforcement by bit rate limitation and priority control on a per-subscriber per-flow basis
• Configurable charging and policy rules by different parameters (time, date, location, terminal type, tariff options, traffic volume and others)
• Tethering detection, fraud prevention, SPAM blocking
• Traffic forwarding to VAS platforms and redirection to partners’ resources.
• WEB-based statistical and configuration interface, CSV UDR files, online channel monitoring.
• Subscribers’ notification about tariffs, quotas and service options.

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