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2G, 3G, 4G Handheld Direction Finder


The INT-CM005 is an advanced handheld direction finder. It is used for locating and finding subscriber’s cellular phones that operate in all 2G (GSM)/3G (UMTS)/4G (LTE (VoLTE)) bands.

The INT-CM005 complements the monitoring solutions. The INT-CM005 direction finder can hone-in on the transmission after a mobile phone is registered by the active monitoring system. The user can easily enable the transmitting unit with dedicated software. The INT-CM005 must be tuned to the same ARFCN channel as the BTS of the monitoring system. The user will have audible confirmation of sound signals of TDMA sequence that are natural for GSM telephony. The antenna needs to be connected to the right frequency range while in operation. By rotating the antenna, left or right, it can improve the signal level reading on the control unit LED, and allow the user to hear the maximum tone pitch level in the headphones / bluetooth headset. The tone-pitch level can change depending on the distance and direction from the object. The maximum pitch of the sound signal is correlated with the target’s location. It might be necessary to change the sensitivity of the device when approaching the target. This can be done by switching an attenuator from 0 to 60,0 dB. Attenuation value must adapted as needed.


• Capable to operate with any cellular phone providers even in case of no network coverage.

• Operating distance from 0,1 to 0,5 km in rural area and open area correspondently

• 0,5 m accuracy when finding position of cellular phones

• Visual/audio alarm modes

• Small, lightweight and portable

• Directional antennas and body antennas makes the operation easy and efficient

• Only works if the target cellular phone is turned on

• Android mobile system can control the unit

• INT-CM005 indicates the direction to the target phone UE from current position of INT-CM005 unit and also optionally can show target UE’s location on a geographical map (Google, OSM optionally) on Android phone (MAP mode) in Real-Time mode.

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