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BTS Hunter


INT-CM033 is designed to solve the following tasks:

BTS Hunter is a portable cellular network analyzer identifying suspicious network activity. It performs real-time scanning and analysis of surrounding 2G/3G/4G/5G-NSA networks to detect the presence of malicious cell-site simulators, also known as IMSI Catchers.

BTS Hunter comes with a built-in cell search capability, allowing it to identify the exact location of a malicious cell-site simulator.


  • Available in portable and stationary form factors: the portable device has the appearance of a regular smartphone, and the stationary version is designed as a wall-mounted box resembling a standard Wi-Fi router.
  • Real-time scanning and analysis of surrounding 2G/3G/4G/5G-NSA cellular networks
  • 5G support: 5G-NSA is already supported; 5G-SA support is coming soon.
  • An intelligent, real-time algorithm using over 100 parameters to identify malicious site simulators.
  • Built-in cell search capability to locate any cellular network transmitter.
  • A plug-in external directional finding unit for improved search experience (optional).



External Directional Finding Unit

The external directional finding unit includes an additional scanning module and a directional antenna. The antenna helps identify the direction of the signal source, therefore improving cell search effectiveness. The additional scanning unit allows BTS Hunter to perform scanning and searching at the same time.

Web Dasshboard

Web dashboard enables you to handle operations of multiple BTS Hunter devices in a single place. The monitoring center allows you to track and remotely control all devices at once, offers real-time email and SMS alerts about suspicious network activity, and provides an enhanced analysis of collected intelligence.

Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection Support

By installing Wi-Fi Hunter, BTS Hunter can be upgraded to support advanced Wi-Fi analysis and threat detection. Thanks to our latest innovations, you can easily launch and run both applications simultaneously. For more information on Wi-Fi Hunter, please get in touch with our representatives.

Prospective Users

Law Enforcement

Thanks to the ability to quickly recognize any suspicious cellular network activity, BTW Hunter helps law enforcement agencies immediately identify and locate users of illegally operated malicious cell-site simulators.

Frequency Control Agencies

BTS Hunter provides a quick and accurate overview of all transmitting base stations in the vicinity. Frequency control agencies can identify unlicensed transmissions and locate the installation by using the built-in cell searching functionality.

Governments and Organizations

The portable form factor allows BTS Hunter to protects VIPs on the go by ensuring nobody is eavesdropping on their communication. A stationary setup is also available to safeguard critical infrastructure from cellular network threats: multiple BTS Hunter boxes can be installed on the perimeter of the area and operated from the BTS Hunter web dashboard.

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