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INT-CM021 Lawful Interception (LI) system


The INT-CM021 solution provides:

  • Lawfull interception of calls/SMS/location of target subscribers.
  • Lawfull interception of internet traffic of target subscribers.
  • CDR and IPDR collection about all subscriber connections in PSTN/PLMN/Internet networks.
  • Intercept the location of all home subscribers
  • Collecting all SMS, transferring over Operator Network
  • Access to LI-data from an authorized user.


Distinctive Features


  • Lawful Interception of target subscriber calls, if subscriber served by Operator Networks.
  •  Lawful Interception of target subscribers SMS, if sub- scriber served by Operator Networks.
  • Lawful Interception of target subscribers location with ac- curate to LAC+CELLID (or ENodeBId in LTE network) in Home Network, with accurate to VLR_ID if subscriber in roaming.
  •  Real time calls interception.
  •  User identification in case with active CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) services.
  • User friendly WEB-interfaces.
  •  Wide capabilities for data exports.
  •  All served SMS interception.
  •  SMS-content search.
  •  All served subscribers location.
  •  Subscribers tracking.
  • Location Analytic (immobile SIM, for example).
  •  Subscriber location filtering.
  •  Access Controls.
  •  User Action logging.
  •  Connection to MSC via X-interface or via A-interface in passive mode.


INT-CM021 Architecture

The system consist of following functional components:

  • PROBE It receives information from IP-network data transfer equipment for analyse and interception information of target subscribers. Also PROBE form IPDR (IP Data Record) about Internet-connections of all subscriber.


There are several types of PROBES, used for different purposes:

  • SMS and Location PROBE (receiving information about SMS and subscriber location via MAP and GTP protocols in passive mode. Create records about location change and about SMStransfer. GTP analyze is used on Gn, S5/ S8, S11 interfaces)
  • X-interfacePROBE- (activation/deactivation/modification of an interception via MSC or telephone exchange, and for collecting telephone content and CDR of intercepted subscriber. X-interface probe interacts with MSC or tele- phone exchange via vendor specified X-interface in active mode)
  • A-interface PROBE (passive interception calls and SMS, served by PLMN)
  • AntiNAT PROBE (receiving information about Network Address Translations (NAT) via NetFlow or Syslog proto- col)
  • Data PROBE (data collecting on IP-networks, analyze and data classification)
  • CONTROL POINT (interprets user actions to management command to storages and probes. Control Point has protected IP-interface to PROBEs and WEB User Inter- face for authorized user)

DATA BASE (created for storing interception results and service information, such as

a)Long Life information. Call and IP Data Records and content of intercepted subscribers, Call and IP Data Records of all subscribers

a)Service information about permissions

b)Operators action logs

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