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About Us


About Us

4INTELLIGENCE AB is a manufacturer and provider of security equipment for Intelligence, LEAs, military and other government units and security business companies.

Our specialists have a profound knowledge in the field of security technologies to meet the highest demands of our respectful clientele.

We’re proud to offer you a selection of cutting-edge technology within this catalogue.

We’ve included both advanced developments, and some of our best sellers. Each product includes a full description of its capabilities, as well as a list of specifications and details. We’ve provided all the information required to understand the benefits offered by each product within our catalogue. If you have any questions though, feel free to get in touch.

Each product is designed to meet demanding requirements, based on specifications from professionals working on the field. We’d like to offer a special thank you to these pros for their ongoing advice and cooperation.

Mission & Vision

Vision and Corporate Motto

Deliver the innovative products & solutions for advanced security


Our Business Activities and Professional Services

4INTELLIGENCE AB activities and professional services can be summarized in the following categories:

I. Manufacturing and supply of the following systems:

       1. Technical Surveillance systems

Audio & video recorders, transmitters, receivers, IMSI Catchers, Monitoring Systems.

       2. Technical Surveillance Counter measures

RF Detectors, Non-linear Junction Detectors for detection of unauthorised recording devices.

       3. Anti-Terror Equipment

Anti-Drone Systems, Drug and Explosive Detectors, Through Wall Detectors.

       4. Forensic Systems

Ballistic Identification Systems

II. System Integration for the entire range of our software and hardware solutions to meet the demands of clients.

III. Security systems consultancy for commercial companies, service providers, security companies and governmental agencies

IV. Professional Training Services for commercial companies, service providers, security companies and governmental agencies