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INT-E001 is a double sensor detector that is capable of finding explosive objects down to 50 cm. The double sensor technology used in this device features a ‘GPR’, or ground penetrating radar, as well as ‘MD’, or metal detection. The operation of this unit is simple, the operator receives accurate information regarding the object’s position.


  • Double sensor technology
  • Sensors can work simultaneously or independently
  • In-built odometer
  • It has an alarm signal with visual and audio components
  • Choose between iron and non­ ferrous metals
  • Display is easy to read day or night
  • It is compact, light, and east to transport
  • Easy to use interface
  • Operate with either hand


The device includes indication and control unit. It also features the search head along with the power supply unit and rod.


  • It can find explosives that are in metal and/or plastic
  • It is possible to locate cables and communication devices
  • You can find objects in ground, water, and buildings
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