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The INT-E004 is a unique solution intended for vapour and trace detection of explosives, drugs, toxic and chemical agents (INT-E004-1 model only). The unit can inspect air near the target objects, surfaces of various target objects, human hands and/or parts of clothes.

The INT-E004 Unit Application Areas

  • Inspection of cars, luggage, goods, people, other objects by customs officers
  • Inspection of objects by environment supervision services
  • Inspections of suspected objects by law enforcement agencies
  • Forensic and analytical labs

Distinctive Features

  • Instantaneous simultaneous detecting of positive and negative ions
  • No radioactive ion sources
  • No need in expensive auxiliary materials/accessories
  • Detects various chemical agents as well as improvised peroxide explosives
  • Expandable databases of substances with custom substances


List of explosives detected by the INT-E004

  1. NIT
  2. DNT
  3. TNT
  4. TNR
  5. TNPH
  6. DNN
  7. DMNB
  8. EGDN
  9. NG
  10. PETN
  11. RDX
  12. HMX
  13. TETR
  14. TZ
  15. BF
  16. TATP
  17. HMTD
  18. RDX
  19. HMX
  20. HMX, TNT
  21. RDX, PETN
  22. TNT, NIT, RDX


List of drugs detected by the INT-E004

  1. AMP
  2. MET
  3. COCS
  4. HER
  5. THC
  6. MDA
  7. MDMA
  8. PHNB
  9. MORP
  10. CODN


List of toxic chemicals detected by the INT-E004 (INT-E004-1 model)

  1. H2S
  2. HCL
  3. HF
  4. S02
  5. CL2
  6. NH3
  7. NO
  8. NO2


List of chemical warfare agents detected by the INT-E004 (INT-E004-1 model)

  1. GB
  2. GD
  3. MG
  4. vx
  5. CG
  6. HCN
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