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INT-X004 is a unique dual-view and dual-generator X-ray inspection system. The baggage views provide its complete perspective regardless of its positioning in the X-ray system. Dual-view technology obviates the operator’s necessity to reverse and rescan the baggage.

The dual energy technology provides automatic color coding of materials according to their effective atomic numbers. INT-X004 has a large industry standard tunnel opening of 670 mm wide and 770 mm high.

Image processing features: material separation color display, pseudo color, black and white image, positive/ negative, contrast manipulation, edge enhancement, organic/ inorganic stripping, high/low penetration, high density alert.

Image display features: image review, variable zoom up to 32x, view change.

Additional features:

baggage counter, date and time display, all views simultaneous preview. INT-X004 meets all international health and safety requirements.

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