INT-X001 Portable X-ray Inspection System

INT-X001 is a state of the art X-ray inspection system. It features a mini and micro focus X-ray source of constant potential. The solution has a variable voltage level starting from 20kV with a maximum at 160kV. This makes it possible to inspect targets created from various structure with variable density and depth (up to 70kV is perfect for inspection of mails and similar thickness targets, where the bags and similar depth targets can be inspected with 100-160kV voltage).

INT-X001 main distinctive feature is the capability to provide advanced comprehensive analysis with maximum details and usage of geometrical magnifying (150kV version up to 40 times).

The micro focus INT-X001 features a unique 30-μm focal spot to compate with a standard 1-mm spot provided by common X-ray solutions. The device resolution power 25 micron makes the solution unique on the market. Besides, the device can perfectly operate with small distances between target and X-ray unit (up to millimiters) provided the geometrical magnifying is enabled.

The system displays images using a positive-negative method, pseudo colour scheme, with increased contrast/dual energy mode. A better identification is achieved by the capability to zoom all 9 sectors of the display. All created images can be kept in the DB for postprocessing (the DB can store up to 30 thousand images). The solution allows to edit images, add text, voice info, etc). PSU (85-240VAC 50/60Hz) makes the device operable in all parts of the world.

The system uniqueness is also the operating conditions, which allow to use the device in temperatures from -20 to +50 С with humidity up to 90%.

The INT-X001 X-ray system can be supplied in 2 or 1 transport cases. The solution has a variety of application areas, such as LEA, intelligence units, custom areas, airports, railway stations, etc.

The unit can be usefull for:
Mailing, package examination
Finding Bomb & Explosives, Firearms
Finding hidden eavesdropping electronics in rooms, offices, etc
Non destructive testing (NDT) and examination of aircrafts, vehicle, machinery.

The INT-X001 X-ray solution provides easiest operation capabilites. It is safe and secure, has highly reliable detection method which does not harm the operators or technical people.

INT-X001-1 and INT-X001-2 are handheld X-ray converter units produced for non destructive examination of bags, mails, office equipment, building elements, both inside and outside of buildings. Such converters can come inside INT-X001 X-ray system. Both converters are perfect at detection of explosives, concealed eavesdropping units, etc. The same converters can examine scalable targets as well, which cannot be done by stationary solutions. All units feature rechargeable batteries (max 80 images during single charge). The units data transfer and control is performed via Wi-Fi or cable. The most up to date flat panel inspection unit is just 15,5mm thick, can inspect targets of 2560×3070 resolution and big 35,6×42,4cm area. The INT-X001-1 converter has unique and distinctive feature as linear detection scanner option.

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