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INT-E002 can detect and identify a wide variety of explosives including pure explosives and composite explosives under different humidity and pressure conditions in vapour and trace (particles mode).

The list of explosives includes:

TNT, RDX, C4, Semtex, PETN, ANFO, EGDN, Nitroglycerine (NG), Dynamite, DNT, Black Powder, Ammonia and Urea nitrates, HMTD, Tetryl, HMX, PICRIC ACID and mixtures thereof.

The cost of ownership of INT-E002 is very low, as special consumables are not required. Regular aluminium foil napkins are used for surface wiping. INT-E002 runs on the Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry principle. INT-E002 contains no radiation sources. Corona discharge functions as the source of ionization. INT-E002 features user authorization function with the internal memory allows to save more than 5OOK results of analysis and can be connected to external computer via WiFi without any additional software.

  • does not require a special calibration
  • warms up in only 20 sec
  • is easy to use with two buttons touch screen and doesn’t require any special advanced training.
  • Operates with battery (hot swap feature) and electric power


Presence of an explosive is visualized on the LCD display of the device or any Wi-Fi device usable as a remote control. GPS option allows to determine the coordinates of the device when an alarm is detected and record information to the database. Optional built-in searching radiometer is intended for measuring g-ray dosage. It allows fast and effective detection of radiation sources with extra short exposure time.

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