INT-E002 Explosives Vapour and Trace Detection Unit

The INT-E002 solution is a small unit intended for detection of the wide range of various pure/composite explosives, such as: RDX, TNT, Dynamite, HMX, Semtex, EGDN, C4, Black Powder, PETN, Nitroglycerine, DNT, ANFO, others.

The unit is capable of detection of the explosive elements in different pressure and humidity conditions. This can be done in vapour mode as well as it can perceive the same explosives in particle mode.

The unit has no radiation. The unit features a 2 circuit system of gas flow. The first of these is to sample. The other cleans/dries the flow of the carrier. The good point of this unit is that a calibration system is not needed.

The unit can be used inside buildings as well as outside. No any weather conditions can affect the unit operation. The device contains an electrostatic valve. This is used to filter ions based on their polarity, and it can help to minimize error rates that might otherwise occur with material that is not explosive.

The device is simple to use and requires no professional level training. It has an easy to read LCD, and can be used with other devices that act as a remote control.

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