INT-V028 – Digital Audio, Video and Data Recording and Transmission System

The INT-V028 system is a single solution for recording multiple information streams, including audio, video, and data, and for transmitting it. The system is completely self-contained, and is designed for mobile use within a vehicle. Installation is fast and simple.

The INT-V028 system can record data from four signal sources with simultaneous recording. It is also capable of simultaneous transmission on a radio channel to a remote checkpoint. Users are able to change between video cameras remotely, and can also control each camera’s zoom and position.

Basic Components

  • Video camera set purpose-built for covert activities
  • Recording and transmitting equipment
  • Receiving equipment
  • Remote checkpoint

Camouflage Options

Several choices are available for camouflage, and it is important to ensure the correct option is ordered.

System Capabilities

  • Record four video and four audio sources simultaneously
  • Remotely control both recording and transmitting with the wired remote (when the unit is in autonomous mode)
  • Control vertical and horizontal orientation of cameras and focal range with the remote
  • Switch and transmit video and audio through an encrypted radio channel with the remote
  • On/off (with remote)
  • Control four video zones continuously (one zone per channel)
  • Motion detector and alarm activated transmission
  • Battery powered

System Operating Modes

  • Remote Mode: This mode allows recording of both video and audio, as well as control of the camera and access to data archives through 3G/LTE (cellular data network).
  • Video Surveillance: This mode is dedicated to video surveillance and provides audio and video recording. It also offers complete control of the cameras, and the ability to transmit via digital radio channel- INT-V023 series.
  • Autonomous Operation: This mode relies on the built-in recorder to capture audio and video, but does not transmit data.