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Belt and INT-V021 Corsage Hidden Video Systems


We offer a number of solutions designed for covert use when video and audio data must be recorded, but a standalone solution is not viable. Our INT-V020 (Belt) and INT-V021 (Corsage) systems offer portability, a compact form factor, and can be worn with any number of clothing options without being obtrusive. All sets are based on the INT-V002 video transmitter, which sends data via radio channel.

INT-V020 (Belt) and INT-V021 (Corsage) systems are designed for undershirt wear with compartments for devices, available in three colors – black, white and beige. Each set utilizes the same components. These include a Li-PO accumulator and charger, a video transmitter, and an antenna. An external mic is provided, and an available connection is provided for attaching a video camera. Use either black and white or full color cameras with various camouflage options. The antenna is modular, and includes front and rear components to ensure proper signal transmission while the user is moving.

Both INT-V020 (Belt) and INT-V021 (Corsage) systems can be equipped with a remote control. A digital video recorder (INT-V004) is also available. Note that a video receiver (INT-V003 or Checkpoint) is necessary for audio and video signal reception.

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