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Hidden Video Surveillance Set


The INT-V029 system offers ultra-covert recording capabilities for in-vehicle applications. The camera provides a panoramic view from the vehicle, and can both record audio and video data, and transmit it, as well. Transmission is accomplished via radio channel.

This set includes one camera installed in an automobile headrest that mounts to the front seat, as well as a second headrest. The protective grid over the cameras is removable, but does not obscure the camera’s view when in place. It is highly recommended that the grid remain in place to prevent discovery. These headrests offer a universal fit and adjustment, and can be used in virtually any make and model. The camera has a cable to connect to the vehicle’s power system (12V).

The set includes two RC color video cameras, two headrests with the tilting system. Each headrest also features the INT-RC004 mini block, which includes remote control functionality and feedback. The optical model and external devices are controlled by a INT-RC003 TRX wireless remote control.

Remotely Controlled Features

  • On/off
  • Video camera/tilt
  • Speed adjustment
  • External devices


Note that this system uses a INT-V004 video recorder and a INT-V023-1 video transmitter installed in the second headrest. Transmission is accomplished via a digital radio channel. A checkpoint is necessary to receive the signal (included and located in the bag provided).

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