The INT-V023-4 digital video COFDM transmitter offers the ability to transmit video and audio signal through wireless environment. It uses a digital radio link with COFDM modulation to prevent signal degradation and enhance quality and stability. The unit is an ideal option for mobile use, stationary situations and in the field.


  • Easy to use
  • Stable image even when the unit is in motion, and in no line-of-sight conditions.
  • COFDM modulation
  • No delay
  • High resolution images
  • Select frequency channels
  • Audio, video and telemetry data transmitted wirelessly
  • Transmission level of over 800 mW
  • Parameter pre-programming (optional)
  • Operation of multiple transmitters simultaneously
  • External mic with amp
  • Waterproof
  • Compact and rugged for durability
  • Operable in temperatures ranging from -50 to 600 degrees C

Design Features

The INT-V023-4 transmitter offers a rugged, durable, waterproof metal case for protection. The case provides connection points for external equipment, including video cameras, microphones, PSU, as well as the antenna (flexible, external model). In addition, the case is designed to allow it to be mounted to equipment. Thanks to its slim form factor, this unit makes an ideal addition to compact surveillance systems, particularly where wireless capabilities are needed.

COFDM modulation means that this transmitter is capable of delivering high-quality images even if the transmitter is in motion or with no line-of-sight, and that high-resolution video can be delivered without delays. INT-V023-4 transmission level is over 800 mW.

We recommend INT-V024 receivers (INT-V024-1, INT-V024-2, INT-V024-3) to pair with this unit, and the INT-V023-4 transmitter can send information through the telemetry channel at speeds up to 115 Kbit/s while simultaneously transmitting video data.

Note that this unit can provide outstanding transmission ranges (wideband and narrowband operation mode).

Transmitter distance is increased thanks to COFDM modulation narrow-band mode and high spectral efficiency. This also means that several transmitters can operate simultaneously.

This unit is designed to use 12V external power, and it includes an intelligent power protection system to prevent discharges and other problems. The INT-V023-4 is compatible with 12 V cameras. Pairing with the INT-V025 Tx/Rx Programmer allows frequency switching on the fly, and allows pre-programmed configurations to be loaded.

Programmable Parameters

  • Operating frequency (MHz)
  • Output bandwidth (kHz)
  • Modulation scheme
  • Video compression method
  • Transmitted FPS
  • Audio signal parameters
  • Data transmission speed

Transmitter settings can be adjusted to improve range without decreasing either image quality or transmission delays (note that optional configurations may incur a price increase’).

For example, ultra-narrow band provides the ability to achieve greater transmission distances without a corresponding increase in transmission level.

Also note that this unit is compatible with several different antenna types depending on your needs and the use situation.

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