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RF Detector


INT-RD004 RF Detector can reveal:

Finds eavesdropping units (bugs) which are on active state (transmitting data)

  • Round the clock operation possibility
  • Evaluates Wi-Fi and DECT channels
  • Measures level of 2G, 3G,4G BTSs


Distinctive Features

  • Operating Range – 25 Mhz – 6 Ghz range
  • AM/FM demodulation
  • Round the operation possibility
  • Event DB
  • Jammers, f.e. GPS/GLONASS search
  • SMS detection possibility
  • 2G(GSM)/3G(UMTS)/4G(LTE) service provider BTS level indication
  • Shows 3G(UMTS), 4G(LTE), DECT, WLAN channels separately
  • Variety of options
  • Dedicated Software
  • Very compact and easy to use.


Delivery Set

  • Search Receiver Unit
  • Antenna
  • USB Cable
  • PSU
  • Software and manual


Additional Features

The Dedicated Software will let the user:

  • Create DB of logged events
  • Directly operate the device, or operate remotely on computer using LAN or Internet.


It is sometimes possible to alter the frequency of 3G(UMTS) and 4G(LTE). It will be dependent on country and provider.

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