The unit is aimed to detect and search analog, digital eavesdropping devices,i.e. bugs.

The INT-RD001 is capable of detection:

  • 2G(GSM), 3G(UMTS), CDMA
  • Surveillance Cams
  • RF Transmitters (analog, digital, wideband)

Distinctive Features

  • Digital, analog, wideband signals detection
  • Robust to background interference
  • Fast detection (in just a second)
  • Different search modes (monitor, search, etc)
  • Signal Frequency and level display
  • Logging of alarm events
  • Vibration/sound alerts
  • External antenna not needed
  • GUI is multi-language



This mode offers the possibility to perform monitoring of previously found RF signals automatically. You can also adjust the so called alarm threshold for target signals to be found. In case the threshold is exceeded, the alarm notification will be enabled. It is common in situations when the target is in off state. The special log is registering the alarms. In addition, this mode features a special background noise deduction algorithm for analog signals.


This offers the possibility to detect various kinds of RF signals.


This offers the possibility to find RF transmitters. You can use it while trying to locate a place of an RF transmitter. When locating the analogue target signal source, you can have visual and tone alarm notification.

Changes Searching Mode

This offers the possibility to find RF transmitters (analogue). The unit calculates the level of the signal and the closer to the source it reaches the higher the signal is. It can also notify to the change of level, allowing the finding of the transmitter to occur at a higher level. The operator can have visual and tone alarm notification.

Digital Signal Mode

This offers the possibility to detect 2G(GSM)/3G(UMTS)/CDMA/DECT/B-tooth/Wi-Fi, other. The display lists digital signals and their strength.

Audio Speaker Alarm

This is available for analogue signals only as an audio alarm notification.

Events Log

This will gather info regarding target threats detected in Monitoring Mode. It can record up to 200 alarms. It can record threats of different types. Display indicates time it was detected, the time the signal vanished, type, and maximum signal level.

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