This RF unit detects mobile radio transmitters for mobile phones and modems of GSM 900, 1800, UMTS, as well as transmission of wireless data, WiFi and B-tooth, and cordless phones. It can also indicate strength of the signal from the base station and the intensity of the data exchange. The INT-RD002 will scan ranges of transmission standards that are known to locate signals.


In automatic mode, the unit locates targets as soon as their signal is higher than the predefined threshold. All the data is saved. The user can also predefine schedule timers.


In manual mode, the unit locates RF transmitting devices. It can also display base station levels.

Log View

Log view is used to view the event logIt includes time of the event, as well as duration, type, and the strength of the signal.

Additional Capabilities

  • User can set frequency in accordance with location
  • External port features relay to extend usefulness of the INT-RD002 to control alarm indicators remotely
  • Includes analysis software that can be updated over the Internet. It provides full control through a PC, along with a time graphic display of data, as well as the results of operation of the INT-RD002

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