INT-RD003 detects and locates eavesdropping devices such as bugs, transmitters, RF mics, and frequency hopping technologies.

INT-RD003 RF Detector can reveal:

  • GSM type bugging units
  • Video cams
  • Through wall listening stethoscope devices

Distinctive Features

  • Analog and pulse signals are shown separately
  • 2G(GSM)/DECT/WLAN search
  • RF meter/Oscilloscope/Timing diagram
  • Dedicated SW
  • Round the clock operating possibility
  • Event Logging
  • 2 main operating modes:Ā searching/monitoring
  • Log,Ā oscilloscopeĀ andĀ recording mode available, as well

Operating modes

Searching Mode

Searching mode is used for detecting RF transmitting units. The mode is based on visual signal analysis on 32 section scope. It can display pulse/continuous signals. Search for GSM/DECT/B-TOOTH/WLAN and steady signals is available. The headset can be used with the unit.

Monitoring Mode

Monitor mode is intended for operation of INT-RD003 on preset conditions. The Information regarding detected signals is then saved. The memory features nine slots. Each of those slots can hold 1000-1 events. Operation on schedule is available.

Log and Oscilloscope Mode

Log mode allows the user to check the event logging. The events can be classified by time, length, or value of the signal level. In addition, the device also contains an oscilloscope mode.

Dedicated Software Features

  • Shows data on graph and operation results
  • Remote control of the unit
  • Can set up parameters for MONITOR mode
  • Upload and show text/graph info of MONITOR mode
  • Update firmware

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