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INT-RD006 is designed to detect:

  • Cell Phone Jammers
  • GPS / GLONASS Receivers Jammers
  • Ultrasonic and electromagnetic jammers of recording devices, portable voice recorders, etc.


Additional Features

  • Event logging
  • Capture of environment information at the time of detection
  • Capture of location at the time of detection
  • Display of cellular base stations signal spectrograms in the range from 900-1800 MHz, frequencies of sound and ultrasonic range.


INT-RD006 has two detection channels:

  • Radio frequency
  • Sound


The radio frequency channel is designed to detect:

  • Cell Phone Jammers
  • GPS / GLONASS Receivers Jammers
  • Devices for voice recording interference with the use of high-frequency radio emitters (electromagnetic jammers of voice recorders).


The receiving part and the primary signal processing of the radio frequency channel is implemented in the receiving module INT-RD006.

The receiving module INT-RD006 provides:

  • Maximum detection range of jammers. The original algorithm provides detection of a jammer at a distance several times larger than its suppression zone.
  • Short detection time (from 0.1 s), which makes it possible to detect jammers in moving vehicles (up to 100 km/h).


The sound channel is intended for detecting:

  • Ultrasonic and acoustic jammers (ultrasonic and acoustic voice recorders jammers). This channel is implemented using the circuitry capabilities of the Android device itself.


Management and display of the results of work is carried out through the Android device – a smartphone or tablet using the software. Data transfer between the smartphone and the device is performed via the BLUETOOTH connection. Alarm signal – vibrating alert and indication on the display.

During the work with a product special knowledge is not required. Simply select the desired mode, and further INT-RD006 tuning will occur automatically.

For advanced users, advanced settings are provided.

INT-RD006 has three modes:

  • Office
  • Car
  • Manual


The first two modes are automatically adjustable and do not require special knowledge during operation. The “Manual” mode is intended for trained users and allows “fine-tuning” of the product.

Application Areas


  • A visit to the room where it is necessary to secretly check the presence of cell phone jammers and/or voice recorder jammers.
  • Installation of the product in your own office to control the presence of visitors with cell phone or voice recorder jammers.



  • Stationary monitoring of the presence of cell phone and GPS receivers jammers in the car upon entry/ exit to/ from the parking. In this case, the INT-RD006 is installed in the security checkpoint or in any other place near the barrier.
  • Stationary monitoring of the presence of cell phone and GPS receivers jammers in a vehicle driving along a highway, road,


Search for cell phone and GPS receivers jammers installed in a stationary vehicle, for example hijacking. The car can be located both in open space and in the parking or garage

Delivery Set

  • Receiving module
  • Charger
  • Cable “USB micro – USB”
  • USB flash
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