INT-OD002 Optics Detector

The system can detect and geolocate optical and optoelectronic surveillance, and aiming and rangefinding instruments.  It can do this without worrying about their work principles (passive, active, daytime, night, laser emitting, etc.).

Application Areas

  • Vip ProtectionCounter-Terrorism
  • OperationsBorder
  • ProtectionStrategic
  • Objects Protection
  • Private Military Companies

Distinctive Features

  • Detects various optics at large distances from 70 m to 2 km
  • 24 hours operation. Works well in all weather conditions.
  • Displays distance and coordinate of optical target
  • Tint glass does not affect the device
  • Easily detect optic at late evening and night time
  • Records video or photo with service data and places the information on the built-in SD card
  • Fastest scan speed (>=90 degrees/sec)
  • Many alarm mode options of event detection. These include voice, tone, digital, visual
  • It is possible to connect the external units that receive, transmit or depict information
  • It is possible to attach additional devices (NVD, pointer, illuminator, etc) to Picatinny rail
  • It is possible to measure the distance and finding coordinates to highly reflective objects. This could include things such as car plates and road signs

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