INT-OD004 Optics Detector

The system is a two-channel thermal/TV surveillance unit. It can observe invisible, near infrared, and long infrared ranges.

Application Areas

  • Vip Protection
  • Counter-Terrorism Operations
  • Border Protection
  • Strategic Objects Protection
  • Private Military Companies

Distinctive Features

  • Operation at day or night and any weather conditions
  • Surveillance opposite to bright light source (lights, etc)
  • Capable of detecting thermal objects, including concealed ones
  • Capable of using thermal and TV mode simultaneously
  • Reveals recently parked vehicles
  • The system can record video and photo to built-in SD card
  • The system can connect to external devices that receive, transmit or portray video signal
  • It can reveal unnoticeable vessels or objects on the water surface
  • It can reveal air coming from underground constructions
  • It can detect recently left evidences during crime scene
  • It can detect thermal objects such as cameras and motion sensors
  • It can detect ignition, leakage of dangerous explosives and highly combustive elements
  • It can reveal illegal taps into gas and oil pipelines
  • Users can attach additional devices to external Picatinny rail
  • You can detect passive and active thermal sources, including sensors and pointers
  • It can reveal cold firearms carried in plastic bags
  • It can reveal the recent presence of humans

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