INT-OD001 Optics Detector

This is a portable unit for surveillance. It uses thermal and low-light TV channels to detect optical and electro-optical means of observation, reconnaissance, target takeover and range finding.

Application Areas

  • VIP protection
  • Law enforcement activities
  • Counter – terrorism operations
  • Criminal investigation
  • Intelligence/ reconnaissance missions
  • Border protection
  • Strategic objects protection
  • Peacekeeping missions
  • Private military companies
  • Search and rescue operations

This device can be quite helpful for many different types of operations in the field. This could include ops for recon, tactical ops, SWAT teams, surveillance groups, operatives, personal guards, patrols, peacekeeping, and more.

Distinctive Features

  • Works in dust, smoke, fog, as well as against the contrary light in day and night.
  • Detects optical and electro optical devices at distances of 70 m-2.5 km.
  • Detects remote optical reconnaissance and photo/video surveillance. Works from a vehicle and behind tinted glass.
  • Simultaneous surveillance by TV and thermal modes.
  • Detects optical distance and coordinates.
  • Works with external devices, i.e.transmitters, receivers.
  • Detection and positioning of thermal objects and targets.
  • TV observation offers range of illumination 100.000 – 0.00002 lux.
  • Surveillance against bright headlights and contrary light.
  • Detection of active and passive thermal sources.
  • Video and photo recording of service information.

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