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The device has a convenient location of the control buttons. With an intuitive menu of the device you can to select the type of sighting mark, color and brightness, manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, adjust the sensitivity level of the matrix, etc.

The built-in laser rangefinder allows to determine the exact distance to the target.

The ability to record to a build-in SD card allows to save successful moments of hunting.


  • 640×480 microbolometer resolution;
  • High-aperture 75 mm/F 0 lens;
  • detection distance 2000 m;
  • Lightweight body of aluminium alloy;
  • Withstands the recoil of large-caliber weapons;
  • Automatic silent calibration;
  • Convenient digital menu;
  • Black/White and color palettes;
  • Up to 10 shooting profiles;
  • Digital zoom 2x 4x 8x;
  • Build in LRF;
  • 3D accelerometer;
  • Power supply 18650 x 2pcs;
  • Build in videorecorder and WIFI


A wide selection of adapter bars allows to install most of the brackets for subsequent mounting on any type of weapon. With 10 shooting profiles you can save ballistic corrections for different distances and types of ammunition. The location of the sighting mark in the center of the field of view with digital magnification allows for targeted and comfortable shooting at long distances.

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