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INT-TV007 is a thermal imaging surveillance and reconnaissance device with the function of determining distances up to 3000 m with the ability to save photos and videos in the internal memory of the device. INT-TV007 is designed for reconnaissance, search and rescue operations, border protection, perimeters and objects, assessment of the degree of camouflage, night patrols, covert surveillance and tracking, detection of mines and caches.


  • digital image zoom x1, x2, x4
  • switching of thermal imaging image display modes: hot-white (positive), hot-black(negative)
  • adjusting the brightness of the device display
  • display gamma correction
  • adjusting the brightness and contrast of the thermal imaging image
  • calibration of the thermal imaging matrix
  • 8 color palettes of thermal imaging
  • saving frames and videos on removable memory
  • display of own coordinates
  • selection of coordinate type
  • selection of the satellite system used (GPS / GLONASS)
  • distance measurement
  • rangefinder reticle for a height figure of 1.7 m
  • goniometric grid
  • indication of the direction of observation
  • magnetic declination adjustment
  • measurement of the declination angle (pitch)
  • displaying system information about the product
  • ability to reset settings to factory settings
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