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INT-TV009 is designed for monitoring objects or protected areas at any time of the day in adverse weather conditions, as well as for solving anti-terrorist and special tasks, patrolling, and conducting search and rescue operations, including during natural disasters. It is a portable, small-sized means of all-weather and round-the-clock surveillance, which has the best weight, size and functional characteristics among similar analogues. It is possible to install the device on a headband.


  • switching thermal imaging image display modes: hot-white (positive), hot-black(negative);
  • 8 color palettes of thermal imaging;
  • digital image enlargement x1, x2, x4;
  • adjusting the brightness of the device display;
  • changing the operating mode of the thermal imaging module (auto/manual);
  • adjusting the brightness of the thermal imaging image;
  • adjusting the contrast of the thermal imaging image;
  • rangefinder reticle for a height figure of 1.7 m;
  • goniometric grid;
  • changing the display color of the rangefinder and goniometer grids;
  • displaying system information about the product;
  • changing screen orientation;
  • enable display gamma correction;
  • selection of the type of batteries;
  • battery status indication;
  • automatic shutdown of the device when the batteries are low
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