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The INT-FS003 is a flexible video-scope with 940nm infra-red illumination, suitable for surveillance in dark conditions. The camera sensor is built into the tip of an armoured flexible probe with 4-way 360° articulation control. The INT-FS003 has switchable illumination between IR (RED/B&W image) and White LEDS (Colour image). This makes for a very versatile instrument. The INT-FS003 is available in 3.9mm diameter or 6.0mm diameter. Even with the 3.9mm diameter a whole small room is illuminated with IR. The 3.9mm diameter model is ideal for under door use, and the 360° articulation means that the back of the door can be viewed. The host screen is a large 6” wide LCD with still image and video recording. The unit runs from rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery cells, which are user replaceable, and can be charged via a USB socket on the handle.

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