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The INT-FS001 solution is a surveillance kit consisting of three fiber scopes. These are generally used in low-noise drilling ops. Within the kit, the user will find two 1mm fiberscopes both 60 cm lenght, one 0° front view and one 65° side view. All fiberscopes are designed for pinhole installation. In addition, there is a 6mm non-conductive 60 cm fiberscope. The last one is often used for checking the progress of the drilling. Visual observation of the images is possible, or the user can utilize a tablet PC with the endoscope camera.

1mm Fiberscope

This instrument provides 0° front view. The user will have a direct view into a target room with a field of view of 60°. The 65° view direction version will complete the blind areas that can’t be seen by the 0° front view model. It is possible to rotate the 65° fiberscope, which will allow the inner surface of the wall to be seen and check for objects or people. Utilizing both the 0° and the 65° fiberscopes will provide coverage of the entire room.

Non-Conductive Fiberscope

This fiberscope is 6mm diameter and it includes internal illumination, as well as an positionable insertion tube. The user can check the progress of holes being drilled. Users might need to view changes in building materials at various stages. They might want to check the buildup of dust, and utilize it in the pinholing stage. The insertion tube is rugged thanks to a tough black plastic outer covering. This helps to reduce the sound of metal scratching.

The covering and tip are also non-conductive, which provides an added layer of safety when checking areas within walls. The LED light source provides operation with just 2 x AA cells. You can use the instrument visually, or connect it to the tablet PC with the endoscope camera.

Tablet PC

The Tablet PC has a compact screen of 8″, which is small enough to carry, but large enough to see the screen easily. It features a rugged design, as well. The unit is ruggedized to MIL-STD 810G and IP65 water/dust resistant. It also has a long battery life.

The device uses a USB3 port, so you can use the latest endoscope camera with this equipment. The software, which comes on the device, allows you to view the images.

You can adjust the viewing window size easily. Just drag the corner of the window to the desired area. Pinching the touchscreen allows for image zooming, or you can use the clicking +/- on the toolbar. The device features a range of other camera settings, so you can get the results you need regardless of the lighting conditions. You can save the settings, as needed.

Endoscope Camera

This endoscope camera is technologically superior and is operating with low light. It features a CMOS technology Sony IMX265 camera. The lens interface is C type mounting and fitted with our 35mm endoscope coupler.

The camera provides resolution of 2 048 x 1 536 pixels at 55 FPS. This exceeds the requirements when it comes to using a 1mm fiberscope. This ensures you are getting a top-quality image.

Camera settings include Gain, Gamma, Exposure, Brightness, Sharpness and Frame Rate. Thanks to the various settings, you can obtain video images even in low light without graininess and at full speed. You do not have to worry about stepped video delay.

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