INT-AT001 Universal Exploration Platform – Anti-Terror Robotic System

Designed to provide rugged performance in virtually any environment, the INT-AT001 can record audio and video while reaching areas otherwise impossible. All data recorded is transmitted wirelessly to the remote control unit using digital (INT-AT001-2) or analog technology. The digital link is built on the INT-V023 platform, and utilizes COFDM modulation to deliver a high-quality, stable image and clear audio. The INT-AT001 can be used in urban environments, and many other areas with poor wireless transmission properties.

The INT-AT001 includes a mobile, exploratory platform with rugged rubber tires designed to handle any type of terrain with ease. A wireless remote control is included, and features a seven-inch display for viewing video transmitted from the unit.

A mic, video-audio transmitter and high-res cameras are built into the INT-AT001’s chassis, and the compact design ensures the device can easily fit into almost any space. It can also be carried on the operator’s back with a special carrying pack. It is stored in a waterproof, durable PELI case.


  • Customize the front panel with:
    • Thermal imaging equipment
    • White/IR highlights for front camera
    • Rotating camera (60/+60 degrees)
  • Use the extended track to climb stairs
  • Reduce height for under-vehicle searches
  • Change between wheels and tracks


  • All-time 4-wheel drive
  • Enabled with a locking pin
  • Easily overcome obstacles up to 100 mm
  • Shock absorption for protection
  • Image automatically flips if INT-AT001 overturns
  • Infrared LEDs
  • White LEDS
  • High-res video
  • Sensitive mics
  • Capable of handling all terrain types
  • High speed
  • Up to 30-degree driving angle
  • Choose the preferred channels
  • Battery level indicator
  • Overdrive mode

Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit

INT-AT001 reconnaissance and exploration unit requires a remote control for operation, as well as for viewing video and listening to audio. This remote control and video surveillance unit provides full functionality with device and operates wirelessly.

On the unit’s housing, you will find:

  • Large display
  • Control joystick
  • Device function buttons
  • Mode switch button
  • Frequency channel selector
  • Battery level indicator
  • Light controls (LED or IR)
  • Spring antennas (top mounted)
  • Output ports for video and audio (for separate monitor)


  • On/off
  • Movement controls (joystick)
  • Video and audio reception (built-in speaker, or headphones)
  • Light control
  • Battery indicator
  • Frequency selector
  • Equipment controls (hardware installed on INT-AT001)

Storing and Transporting

The INT-AT001 and the remote control are stored and transported in a PELI case, which provides outstanding protection and is waterproof.

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