INT-AT002 Wireless Exploration Device – Anti-Terror Robotic System

The INT-AT002 wireless exploration device offers 360-degree views and collects both audio and video data. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the remote control unit. Designed to be a reconnaissance and exploration solution, INT-AT002 includes four high-resolution cameras, as well as a mic and a transmitter to send that data where you need it.

INT-AT002 provides auto positioning – it always automatically reverts to a vertical orientation. It can also deliver separate streams from all four onboard cameras simultaneously, providing four different views surrounding the device (360-degrees). This is accomplished without any loss of signal quality.

INT-AT002 is stored and transported in a PELI case, which is waterproof and strong enough to prevent damage to the unit.


Deliver 360-degree views
4 simultaneous video streams from onboard cameras
Rechargeable onboard battery
Exceptional durability
Withstands repeated drops from heights up to five meters
Powerful lights (white LEDS and infrared LEDs)
Vertical positioning (automatic repositioning)
Highly sensitive mic

Remote Control and Video Surveillance Unit

INT-AT002 reconnaissance and exploration unit requires a remote control for operation, as well as for viewing video and listening to audio. This remote control and video surveillance unit provides full functionality with device and operates wirelessly.

On the unit’s housing, you will find:

  • Large display
  • Control joystick
  • Device function buttons
  • Mode switch button
  • Frequency channel selector
  • Battery level indicator
  • Light controls (LED or IR)
  • Spring antennas (top mounted)
  • Output ports for video and audio (for separate monitor)


  • On/off
  • Video and audio reception (speaker or headphones)
  • Battery indicator
  • Light controls
  • Channel selector
  • Change/select video mode/camera configuration

Storing and Transporting

The INT-AT002 and the remote control are stored and transported in a PELI case, which provides outstanding protection and is waterproof.

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