INT-V034-1, INT-V034-2, INT-V034-3, INT-V034-4 Checkpoints for Audio and Video Data Reception

Checkpoints (CPs) work as remote recording studios, receiving audio and video data transmitted over radio frequencies. CPs can be highly customized and individualized to suit a variety of needs, ranging from impact-resistant options in PELI cases to standard versions shrouded in computer bags with rigid frames and even the use of leather bags depending on the requirements and usage situation.

In all CPs, the INT-V003 video receiver is responsible for receiving analog signal, while the INT-V024 receiver is responsible for handling digital, encrypted signals. It is equipped with Delta modulation decryption features. In addition, CPs can use any of three potential battery options, including Li-PO batteries, lead helium batteries, and liFePO4 batteries. Each offers automatic charging and protects against battery discharge or connection to another external power source.

All CPs come standard with either a INT-RC001 or INT-RC003 remote control, as well.