INT-RC003 Remote Control Radio Link with Feedback Function

This RF remote control unit offers feedback functionality and works with surveillance systems, providing control of system components including receivers, transmitters, recorders, cameras and many more. The system includes a remote control INT-RC003 TRX, as well as a INT-RC003 RTX, which should be added to the system’s control equipment.

In addition to standard surveillance systems, the INT-RC003 setup works very well with robotic setups, and can control the motor and gearing through the onboard data channel. This unit delivers reduced current dissipation, as well as enhanced command delivery speed and better overall control through batch data transmission protocols.


  • Up to 1,000-meter range
  • Low current dissipation
  • 12C interface
  • Feedback functionality provided
  • Reception/transmission, sleep and standby modes
  • Battery RC

Compatible Equipment

  • INT-RC004 Mini pan and tilt control module
  • Audio/Video selector and power circuit module (multichannel)