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Non Linear Junction Detector


Application Areas

  • Identification of restricted electronic devices (cell phones, SIM cards, storage media)
  • Identification of improvised explosive devices (IED, RCIED, etc) inside luggage and on the body
  • Detection of “bugs”, voice recorders (any electronic devices for concealed video/audio information recording/ transmission)


Distinctive Features

  • Accurate detection of miniature electronic targets usually causing detection problems for metal detectors
  • Exact spatial selection with high search and detection performance capabilities
  • High precision detection of small targets in a wide range of containment environments (including in wet environments)
  • All-in-one case, no extra cables and connectors


The device allows you to detect:

  • SIM card size target – up to 0,5 meter distance
  • Cell phone size target – up to 1 meter distance
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