INT-WD002 Through Wall Detector

INT-WD002 is a powerful through wall detector. The solution is aimed to detect people beyond walls. The device quickly locates the target, measures the distance to target and user can see if the target is moving. The operation is fully automatic.

In addition, the device has the capability to detect breathing. This helps to make it an invaluable tool for S&R operations, such as after an earthquake or similar natural disaster.

Thanks to the small size and easy portability of the INT-WD002, it is easy to use in many different situations.


  • Up to 60 cm thick walls (several wall) operation
  • Real time work
  • Up to 14 m operating distance
  • User friendly and easy to use

Detection Distance

When detecting by movement through brick 40 cm thick – max 11.0 m
When detecting by breathing through brick 30 cm thick – max 5.0 m

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