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The INT-UD001 solution is an under door camera designed to work in complete no light environments. A black & white camera is built into a 5,6 mm insertion tool plate having 28 LEDs. The insertion tool features an in­ built battery. The LEDs are 940 nm wavelength which makes them totally unseen by human eyes.

The camera has a wide angle lens offering the superior coverage in a room. Unlike other under door solutions the unit is USB type, which can be easily complemented by any tablet PC or even a smart phone*.

Record process and images transfer is easy as the solution uses the reliable viewing software. The user can create JPEG and MPEG files, meaning no further file format changes/ conversions are required after recording is finished. The unit can be supplied with or without our recommended Tablet PC. The unit is the perfect choice for a cost effective under door viewer solution.


  • USB – Compartible with USB 2,0 devices
  • Unique insertion tool plate – Easy to use and powerful
  • 940nm LEDs – No red glow providing total invisibility for human eyes
  • Wide angle lens – Perfect 120° room coverage
  • Light Weight – only 555 grams
  • Cost effective solution – To compare with other solutions on the market
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