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INT-BD001 is a data collection and analysis tool for:

  • Serving on government, business or personal goals
  • Providing stability and helping counteraction to informational threats
  • Controlling the situation
  • Managing the situation


Distinctive Features

With INT-BDOO1 you can do the following:


INT-BD001 helps solving issues with:

  • Identification of the sources of information spreading and also the channels of distribution
  • Leakage of sensitive and proprietary information, personal data
  • Reputation threats
  • Stuffing information, criticism, compromising, negative situations
  • Conflicts and hot social topics
  • Illegal actions


Advantages of the system:

  • Huge expertize in using Big Data for solving political issues
  • Positive experience of usage in government structures
  • Fast deployment, quick setup
  • Can be installed on customers servers
  • Open code basis. No sanctions influence
  • Deep learning


Key benefits of our system:

  • Key sources for data collection and analysis:
    • mass media
    • social networks
    • messengers
    • wide range of any types of databases (public, private and even classified, provided by customer on legal basis)
    • Weare the only platform for big data processing deeply adapting to the needs of clients
  • Flexibility and adaptivity:
    • setup with maximum precision to suit your needs and characteristics
    • the maximum level of adjustment
  • The depth of study:
    • we can analyze audio, video, text sources of information
    • work deeper than most similar programs
  • Focus on quality study instead of quantity
  • Collecting the most important information from the key sources



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