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The recorder is designed to control and record acoustic information obtained using a small accelerometer (stethoscope sensor) through the elements of building structures (wall, ceiling, etc.), or using an external wired microphone (wire length up to 10 km)


  • Recording of received information (WAV) to a removable microSD card
  • Built-in Li-PO battery OLEO display
  • Real time clock
  • Equalizer (5 bands)


Distinctive Features

  • Volume control
  • Portable design
  • Playing back the recorded audio data
  • Duration of audio information recording is up to 250 hours, provided that an external power source is used
  • Setting operating modes using the menu (including adjusting the output voltage for a wired microphone)
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Linear output
  • Micro USB connector for inbuilt battery charging
  • Small accelerometer has a metal non-separable housing and a flexible cable with connectors for connecting to an amplifier, made on the basis of piezoceramic elements


Configuration Options

Inbuilt Audio Recorder Microphone Small


Version 4
Version 3
Version 2
Version 1


The information recording mode can be customized using the menu functions displayed on the OLEO screen. To improve the quality and expand the dynamic range of the acoustic signal, a special low-noise amplifier, compressor and digital signal processor (DSP) are used.

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