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Multichannel Receiver


Designed to work with both digital and analog transmitters, the INT-A029 pairs with units at 416 to 421 MHz. It also offers a number of advanced and standard features, making it a good choice for a range of needs.


  • Recording: The INT-A029 automatically records incoming audio and saves it to onboard flash memory as a WAV file.
  • Universal Battery Container: The unit features a universal battery container that can hold either conventional AA batteries or Li-Ion batteries, allowing either to be used.
  • 10 Channel Range: This unit offers 10 channels, and frequency selection can be saved at the touch of a button.
  • Squelch: The INT-A029 offers squelch functionality.
  • High sensitivity
  • High selectivity
  • Built-in Delta modulation decoder (automatically activates when Delta modulated digital signals appear).
  • Playback: Simply tap a button to play back saved audio data from the memory card.
  • Memory Size: This unit offers 8GB of onboard storage in the form of a memory card. This allows a maximum of 120 hours of recording time.
  • Menu: Use the menu to set functionality or access features easily.
    User-friendly design.
  • Charge USB devices easily.
  • Display: The display is an advanced OLED, and provides access to information including:
    • Battery life remaining
    • Data and time
    • Operating mode
    • Channel, frequency and signal strength
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