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INT-VC021, INT-VC022
BAND-CAMO Series Video Cameras


The BAND-CAMO series of video cameras offers ultra compact form factors and the ability to easily conceal the camera with ordinary items, such as buttons. However, the most important feature is the image sensor and lens mounting solution. This offers:

  • Easily remove the lens for installation with camouflage elements without changing focus
  • Choose the position of the lens and camouflage element in relation to the image sensor
  • Set custom specs for use with varying cameras


The standard kit provides a CCD video camera with M8 threading, and equipped with a standard lens. This setup provides high-quality images, with the ability to use a very wide range of optics to achieve the desired results.

The BAND-CAMO Mini camera utilizes CMOS camera technology, and is even smaller than the standard BAND series cameras. These cameras are ideal for body-worn applications, and generate very low heat levels while in use. The M7 micro optic mounting setup are perfect for use with lightweight camouflage elements.

These kits can also utilize an M8 adapter, which allows them to be interchangeable with elements in the standard BAND-CAMO series.

BAND-CAMO Video Camera Lenses

The BAND-CAMO series is designed to utilize a number of different lenses to fit specific applications and requirements, as well as for use with a range of camouflage elements. We regularly add new lenses compatible with both the BAND-CAMO and BAND-CAMO Mini series.

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