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COFDM Digital HD Video Transmitter / Receiver System with Voice Two-Way Communication


INT-V037 is designed for transmission and storage of HD video & audio information as well as voice two-way communication.

Distinctive Features

• Improving the efficiency of combat missions

• Informing the commander about the status of each soldier, followed by analysis of the actions using the recorded audio, video information

• Detachable universal helmet mount

• Compatible with standard communications

• Compatibility with Explosives/Mines Detectors INT-E001, INT-E005 and other equipment

• HD Color video transmission

• Dimmable backlight

• Recording of audio, video information on the transmitting and receiving sides

• Miniature earphones with dynamic noise canceling

• Bone type microphone

• A single replaceable rechargeable power source for the entire system

• Duplex voice communication

• The equipment is designed for placement using the MOLLE” mounting system

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